EEC funding for professional development is managed by six (6) partnerships across the state. The EPS grant focuses on educator and provider planning, coaching and mentoring, and competency development. To learn more about education opportunities such as college or CEU courses and career and academic advising, please contact the lead agency in your region:

Western MA (Region 1)

Preschool Enrichment Team, Springfield; vvanzee@preschoolenrichmentteam.org

Central MA (Region 2)

Family Services Organization of Worcester; jgravell@cccfscm.org

Northeast MA (Region 3)

North Shore Community College, Danvers/Lynn/Beverly; kgallo@northshore.edu

Southeast MA (Region 5)

Child Development and Education, Inc. Brockton seepp@cdedu.us

Metro Boston (Region 6)

ABCD, Inc., Boston; Carla.seymour@bostonabcd.orgLearn More