QRIS Have you heard about Massachusetts's Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS)? Your child's early education and care program may be participating in this newly developed system. The QRIS is designed to support early childhood programs to provide high-quality education and care for Massachusetts children and families. Through the Quality Rating Improvement System, families will be able to make informed decisions regarding the quality of care and education in Massachusetts child care programs. The Massachusetts QRIS has five components.

1. Standards: There are five levels with standards programs must meet. These standards are above the state's licensing requirements.

2. Monitoring and Accountability: The Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) monitors and tracks programs participating in the QRIS.

3. Support: EEC supports programs through the Educator and Provider Support Grant Program (EPS). EPS offers professional development opportunities and support for upward movement on the QRIS.

4. Fiscal Incentives: QRIS programs are eligible for fiscal incentives such as program improvement grants.

5. Family and Consumer Engagement: You can locate QRIS information on EEC's website click here

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