Family Literacy:
The family is the most powerful influence on a child’s ability to succeed and literacy is the foundation on which all learning is based. Family literacy is a proven intergenerational approach that improves the literacy, language and life skills of both parents and children. Our family literacy program incorporates five components to support families as they learn together and reach their individual goals.

The five components are:

  1. Adult ESOL classes for parents for both beginning and intermediate level English speakers
  2. Early Childhood Education provided at the Family Center or at another center of the parent’s choice
  3. Parent and Child Together (PACT) Time
  4. Parent Education Workshops
  5. Literacy based home visits

Play and Learn Groups:
These activities meet weekly and provide children ages zero to 48 months and their caregivers the opportunity to have fun together and with others in a relaxed, developmentally appropriate environment. While these themes change from time to time, some of our offerings include:
  • Music & Movement
  • Sing & Learn Spanish
  • Babies Go Bonkers
  • Tumbling Toddlers
  • Terrific Toddlers
  • Infant Massage

Family Activities:
These are generally offered monthly in a variety of settings. Types of activities may include:
  • Family Field Trips
  • Performers and entertainers
  • Family Fun days
  • Discount trips to children’s theaters/performances

Parent Support:
Our Family Support is designed to prevent family problems by strengthening parent-child relationships and providing whatever supports parents need in order to be successful nurturers and providers. Our programs enhance families’ capacity to support the growth and development of all family members – adults, youth and children. Family Support programs also contribute to the community-building process.
  • Home visits
  • Parenting workshops
  • Information and Referrals to a variety of local agencies
  • The Giving Tree – Free Clothing Exchange, for babies through adults
  • Parent Resource Library
  • Lending Library for children

Opportunities for Leadership:
By supporting families to assume leadership opportunities the family unit and community grow stronger.
  • Parent Advisory Council (PAC) – This parent / staff committee meets once a month to discuss programming for the Family Center.
  • Fundraising Committee – This sub-committee of the PAC will organize fundraisers throughout the year to supplement TFC’s programming.
  • Volunteering- The Family Center supports parents in their efforts to volunteer at the Center, in the community and in their children’s classrooms.